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We are the leader when it comes to plumbing services and no other company comes close to the passion and skill of our plumbers. Our team consists of highly trained plumbers being good in a variety of plumbing techniques. Also, we would want nothing more than for you to be completely satisfied with our services. We give it a 100% every time we go out for a plumbing task. We are passionate about what we do and nothing pleases us more than seeing a smile on your faces when we are done with what you want us to accomplish​

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Have you ever battled blocked sinks and drains? If no, you should be prepared for a possible blunder? A substantial number of folks have faced serious consequences for ignoring drainage problems. You might be among these unfortunate individuals. The truth is toilet and sink issues can punctuate quickly, leading to major trouble. So, is there a way to tackle the problem effectively? Yes! It’s here Newcastle Plumbing Company comes into the picture. Let’s examine the problem and find the solution together.

Tap repairs and installations aren’t simple chores. They warrant expert knowledge and sophisticated tools. If you try to fortify the trouble yourself, you may find yourself in a more complicated problem. Hiring an expert service such as Newcastle Plumbing Company is a much better option. In return for a small service charge, the company will mend the problem effectively as required. Call them and say good-bye to your plumbing issues and hello to your new Taps!

Soil stacking could turn up due to various reasons. The collection of dirt and debris is the prime cause of soil stacking. Over time, wind may blow dust into your plumbing components. If too much dust or heavy debris accumulates in your drainage, the whole system might get blocked. The water may not move at all. Paint and plaster coming off the walls can also cause soil stacks. People usually fix the paint and other issues with the walls as they become visible. However, they forget that those stacks might make their way into the drainage system. Such ignorance often leads to soil stacking, which paves the path for a slew of problems soon. So call Newcastle Plumbing Company.

At Newcastle Plumbing Company, we have trained and skilled technicians who could do the job of installing a radiator with giving a quality value. The job of installing a radiator has more than a few complicated steps, which if not done with details, can cause a serious damage. Steps involved like, draining down the radiator, fixing safety wires, and fixing the leak in pipes, among other steps, are not really easy and definitely not recommended for non professionals. Our highly skilled technicians can spot the damages quickly and stop further damages. They also ensure a safe and quality work done. 

Shower installations and repairs can take a heavy toll on any person. However, you may ease your worries by depending on Newcastle Plumbing Company. In return for a minimal installation charge, the company will mount the component effectively. If you really want to enjoy a quality installation, contact Newcastle Plumbing Company and see the difference.

When it comes to fixing plumbing components, most homeowners follow a do it yourself approach. They believe that handling such tasks might be easy. However, many of these DIY enthusiasts repent on their decisions later. The truth is plumbing chores warrant special attention. As a layman, you may not be familiar with the ins and outs of the components. You need a skilled service to handle toilet repairs so call Newcastle Plumbing Company today and let us take care of all your toilet repairs. 

​So, you need help with outside taps! Perhaps, your taps pose issues from time to time. Maybe, they need a replacement. Regardless of the reason, plumbing problems warrant urgent attention. Any delay can compound the issue. Not just that, a minor problem can trigger a path for another trouble. Your outdoor area could get filled with water, destroying plants and shrubs. In such a scenario, the expertise of Newcastle Plumbing Company comes in handy. The company can fix all possible difficulties with your outdoor taps.

Since emergencies come without notice it is wise to be prepared beforehand. When there is a need for emergency plumbing repairs at your home, chances are bright, you will hire any company that you can find while doing your search. This is why you need to look for the best professional and have their contact details saved for times of need. Newcastle Plumbing Company, without a doubt, is one of the best that you can depend on for all your plumbing requirements. Not only emergency needs, but they are also efficient enough to handle any and every plumbing issue. Their ever-growing list of satisfied customers speaks for them, so giving them a try will certainly prove to be worth it.

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Called and resolved on the same day. Responded within 30 minutes of my call. The leaking tap repaired and checked stop clock wasn't leaking!
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Leaking Tap
Quick, tidy, arrived exactly when he said he would charged a fair price even when I asked Joe to take a look at my tap as well price was what had been previously agreed would definitely use again.
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Toilet Flush Replaced and Tap Repair
They have done a few plumbing jobs for me over the last 10 months, highly recommend them very professional, courteous, reliable, always explain what the problem is, and fixes it. Glad I have found a fantastic plumber Thanks
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We have encountered all types of plumbing problems so we are confident in our skills of solving what you are experiencing. When that happens, we would want nothing more than to do what is best for business. Yes, we will get right down to get to the bottom of the problem when we get to your place. We would not want to waste your time as we will use our experience to make short work of it and we promise you and your family with bee 100% satisfied with our plumbing services